Textile waste

Textile waste and recycling, being Prato a purely industrial district, both the raw material and the Textile waste sales are daily.

Particular importance has the textile waste: the processing cycle exploits the fibers from 16 to 50 mm or titer but does not include fibers with lengths less than 16 mm or title.

These fibers cannot be used but undergo a particular processing, with specifically designed machinery.

To produce a yarn with ethical quality characteristics because it is recycled and not inferior to the first production yarn.

Very important is the recycling that also takes place against stocks of yarns on various types of coils: nylon polyamide , polyester, cotton, wool.

La Badiani s.r.l. chooses the best yarns and raw materials thanks to its experience grown over the years in this sector.

The recovery of raw materials by Badiani s.r.l. should not be underestimated that gives new life to textile waste recovered by companies or laboratories, producing an excellent raw material and ethics for industrial use.

Also in this sector the experiences of companies for a circular economy model are increasing.

A model that reduces waste, recovers and recycles materials, makes consumer products live longer.

The textile industry is one of the most polluting production activities in the world, so our work also includes a sustainability project that covers important interventions such as the recycling of raw materials.

Textile waste recycling