Polyester yarns

White polyester yarns and various colors is what offers Badiani srl to its customers with a wide range of choice among polyester yarns.

The yarns processed by our company are analyzed and certified by our internal controls in order to protect the final consumer.

We can supply a wide range of colors and titles, whatever your request, do not hesitate to contact us.

The characteristics of the yarns are:

1- high oil content, 4-6%, treated with silicone wax.

2- Strong resistance, 50% higher than the polyester fiber line.

3- The lengthening of the white polyester filament is less than 13% and the elongation of the colored polyester filament is less than 21%.

Polyester thread is very similar to silk which can satisfy the sewing needs of leather and wool garments.

The elastic response string developed in China is over 90% and the elongation rate is 15% and over 30% of the sewing thread with modified polyester filaments.

This method can be used for sewing elastic materials.

Polyester fiber has excellent abrasion resistance, high strength, low shrinkage, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to decay.

polyester yarns